As a Facebook Advertising Company, we always thrive to share as much as resources we could that too FREE resources in the community because we want to see you succeed whether we work directly  with us or not, it doesn't matter much.

We always believe that as much as you succeed it will make us push harder.

free guides from facebook 

free TOOLS from facebook 
  • Boomerang - get creative with your Instagram and Facebook video uploads
  • Business Manager - for those managing more than one account or wanting more control than a basic ad account
  • Creative Hub - create mockups, gain inspiration and and share as a 'live' ad without launching
  • Facebook Audience Insights - a great way of finding deeper insights on who to target based on broad targeting options or existing targeting groups
  • Facebook Marketing Partners - for those looking for tools or services that integrate with Facebook ads
  • Facebook 20 % Text Overlay Tool - for checking whether your image will pass the 20% rule
  • free ads RE-TARGETING & starter Guide
  • Creating Lead Gen Magnets (by AdEspresso -  starter guide)
  • Nailing E-commerce Ads on Facebook (By Neil Patel - starter guide)
  • Facebook Advertising Targeting Cheatsheet (via - re-targeting guide)
  • Facebook Ad Types Cheatsheet (re-targeting guide)
  • Pixlr - edit images for free online with Photoshop-esque quality.
  • Canva - A must have Image Editing Tool for Marketer.
  • PicMonkey -  Another Great Alternative to Canva (especially use this if you want a transparent background)
  • free Video EDITING APPS 
  • Videoshop - free mobile app to edit videos on the fly
  • Quik (by Go Pro) - free mobile app to edit videos